What we do

Our aim

The Office for the Equality of Men and Women of the Canton of Zurich wants to see to it that equality becomes a reality. That means:

  • Equal pay for equal work for women and men.
  • Raising a family and childcare are tasks for both, men and women.
  • Women and men are equally represented in the economy, politics and academia.
  • Girls and boys make career choices based upon their skills and interests.
  • No one falls victim to sexualised violence.

Our activities

The Office is the Center of Excellence for the equality of Men and Women in the Canton of Zurich. It addresses both, the general public as well as the administration of the Canton of Zurich.

  • The OEMW informs the public on topics regarding equality, e.g. through publications, events or on our website.
  • The OEMW supports people and organisations from the private sector, politics and academia with its know-how.
  • The OEMW gives advice to public authorities and offices in respect of equality, establishes opinions on the topic of equality and cooperates with working groups and project groups.
  • The OEMW supports the Government Council with the aim to improve the work-life balance (goal for the 2007– 2011 legislative period).
  • The OEMW develops concepts and measures with a view to achieving equality between men and women in the Canton of Zurich and realises projects on annual priority themes.
  • The OEMW works out teaching programmes, events and seminars on equality topics - including in particular employees of the cantonal administration as a target group.
  • The OEMW answers requests by the media pertaining to equality topics and represents the Canton of Zurich in the entire Swiss network of equal opportunity representatives.
  • Since 1990, the OEMW has documented the state of equality in the Canton of Zurich.
  • The OEMW manages the Secretariat of the Equality Commissions.