Diversity & Inclusion Konferenz 2020

Save the date! Die 13. internationale Inclusion Conference findet am 17.-18. Juni 2020 statt

Bereits zum fünften Mal tagt die internationale Diversity Gemeinschaft in Zürich. Organisiert wird die Tagung von der Fachstelle Gleichstellung in Kooperation mit Icon Group Ltd.

"20-20 Vision – The Journey Ahead"

Themen der Tagung 2020

  • Maximising the impact of Neurodiversity
  • Exploring AI and Tech advances in Driving Diversity
  • Where Inclusion and People Analytics meet
  • The C-Suite Perspectives
  • Engaging the C-Suite and recruiting Ambassadors for real change
  • Leveraging Inclusion & Diversity for greater innovation
  • Successful Global Inclusion & Diversity Strategies
  • Compelling & inspirational “Storytelling”
  • The Future of Work and the Inclusion Role
  • Gender Diversity & The Glass Ceiling: Moving from
  • implementation to results!
  • Female Leadership: The Boardroom Perspective
  • Navigating Mental Health issues in your organisation
  • Tackling and uncovering Unconscious Bias at strategic levels
  • Creating the “Future” vision for inclusive attitudes on
  • Disabilities
  • Generational Diversity
  • LGBTQ Inclusive Program exploration & Discussions
  • D&I Structural Change
  • Strategic Inclusive Culture Programs
  • Moving from the Business Case to The Business Imperative
  • Harnessing the Power of Demographic Change to Transform D&I
Diversity and Inclusion Tagung 2019

Video-Rückblick zur 12. internationalen Inclusion-Konferenz

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