Diversity & Inclusion Konferenz 2020

Aufgrund der aktuellen Lage findet die Diversity & Inclsuion Konferenz neu am 4. & 5. November statt. Alle weiteren Informationen folgen.

Bereits zum fünften Mal tagt die internationale Diversity Gemeinschaft in Zürich. Organisiert wird die Tagung von der Fachstelle Gleichstellung in Kooperation mit Icon Group Ltd.

"20-20 Vision – The Journey Ahead"

Themen der Tagung 2020

  • Maximising the impact of Neurodiversity
  • Exploring AI and Tech advances in Driving Diversity
  • Where Inclusion and People Analytics meet
  • The C-Suite Perspectives
  • Engaging the C-Suite and recruiting Ambassadors for real change
  • Leveraging Inclusion & Diversity for greater innovation
  • Successful Global Inclusion & Diversity Strategies
  • Compelling & inspirational “Storytelling”
  • The Future of Work and the Inclusion Role
  • Gender Diversity & The Glass Ceiling: Moving from
  • implementation to results!
  • Female Leadership: The Boardroom Perspective
  • Navigating Mental Health issues in your organisation
  • Tackling and uncovering Unconscious Bias at strategic levels
  • Creating the “Future” vision for inclusive attitudes on
  • Disabilities
  • Generational Diversity
  • LGBTQ Inclusive Program exploration & Discussions
  • D&I Structural Change
  • Strategic Inclusive Culture Programs
  • Moving from the Business Case to The Business Imperative
  • Harnessing the Power of Demographic Change to Transform D&I
Diversity and Inclusion Tagung 2019

Video-Rückblick zur 12. internationalen Inclusion-Konferenz

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